Wennington Hall School - Lancaster

During early 2012 Bike Track were contracted to Design and Build a BMX Area at Wennington Hall School near Lancaster.

The Woodland Location available was very limited due to the slope of the site and the bordering fence line, stream and access road.

Bike Track designed a Multi Lined Area starting from the high point of the site. The track makes its way down towards the stream at the bottom of the site which it crosses on 2 points via a skinny and a bridge.

The riders have the option of 2 returns back to the top via the access road and newly installed access path or if they decide not crossing the stream the riders can negotiate a pump straight which experienced riders can pump up and return back to the start hill without the need for pedalling.

There are a number of options for the descent of the area with different berms and obstacles throughout. Interlinking some sections are a number of MTB elements such as skinny’s to add an alternative dimension to the area.

The finished track was well received by the pupils and teachers of the school alike and has been incorporated into the day to day activities available.