Tower Hamlets - London

In mid 2012 Bike Track carried out the design and construction of Mile End BMX Track in Tower Hamlets, London for Tower Hamlets Council in conjunction with Access Sport.

The location for the track was in a very tight space with an existing play area and path to consider as well as a tree line. All these elements had to be considered to meet with Rospa recommendations.

The Start Hill was positioned against the existing banking to keep the splay of the area to a minimum and allow more room for the track.

Again to make the best use of the space available the 1st and 3rd berms were built together and the 2nd berm was built against the Start Hill and the finish line run onto the back of the 2nd berm to keep riders in the track area rather then venturing onto the adjacent path.

The Track is now home to Tower Hamlets BMX Club.

Tower Hamlets Site Plan

Site Plan