Thornbridge Outdoor Centre – Peak district – Disability Cycle Trail

Early 2011 Bike Track completed construction of an MTB Trail aimed towards Children with disabilities at the Thronbridge Outdoor Centre.

The Trail is a total of 1km in length roughly circulating the perimeter of the outdoor centre.

The Design of the Trail used a mixture of Open Field Areas and Woodland whilst making the best of the existing gradient without making it over difficult to give the best experience possible to all riders.

The Trail was finished at 1.5m in width to allow Trike’s and KMX bikes plenty of room to negotiate the corners.

Extra opt in areas were added during the build for when the trail was to be used by able bodied kids with sufficient riding experience.

As part of the loop we added an extra mini loop with a viewing mound in the centre. From the viewing area a single loop of the trail, around 250m long, could be viewed. This area would allow instructors teaching inexperienced riders to have them in full view at all times.