Bike Track offers a range of services relating to the installation and up keep of all types of extreme cycle tracks including:

Consultations - Often carried out with Local User Groups or Clubs to detail a wish list of what elements they would like to see included in their track/trail.

Design - Full AutoCad design services with detailed plans and sections. These can be included in planning applications and used in public consultations if required.

Construction - From drainage to finish surfacing our employee’s complete the total build using experienced methods and quality products.

Maintenance - Continuous maintenance required to keep the track running at it’s best for all users.

Alterations - Often carried out on tracks to give the local riders renewed interest.

Refurbishment - often required on outdated or un-maintained tracks again renewing local interest in the area.

Different Types of Tracks:

Pump Track

Is a small starter track which is aimed at beginners wanting to learn skills to control a bike while still being able to travel at reasonably safe speeds. Pump Tracks also attract experienced riders wanting to hone their skills as the faster a pump track in rode the more difficult it becomes. A Pump Track works best on a level area where space is tight. Straights can be linked to allow for continuous loops.

Skills Area

Skills Area’s are largely based around the coaching requirements and rider experience of the users. They are generally used as a place to learn new skills before putting those skills into practice. This often means they are constructed alongside or in-conjunction with existing trails/tracks.

Play Tracks

A Play Track is generally aimed towards junior riders and upwards, with a range of skill levels and styles of bikes. Play Tracks are usually designed to be rode in single file therefore they can include many obstacles and corners within a tight space and budget.

4 Man Track

This size track can fill the considerable budget gap and space restrictions between a play track and an 8 Man Race Track. They can be slotted into a lot smaller area than an 8 Man Race Track and still have similar features. Although they will not be able to hold British Cycling affiliated events they can still hold local races and provide a great coaching facility for the community.
In the right location and with the right slope it would be possible to create a mountain bike 4 cross facility which is a recognised UCI event for 4 man racing.

8 Man Race Track

These are the largest style race tracks aimed at 8 Man BMX Racing. An 8 Man BMX Race Track can be aimed at different levels of racing from Regional to National to International standard. Each standard is defined by the track’s width, length, jump size, start hill height, berm height, spectator area, adjacent facilities etc.
Not only can and 8 Man Race Track be a great base for the local BMX Club but can also be used as a coaching venue for local schools and organisations as well as a meeting point for the local cycling community.

Mountain Bike Trail

A Mountain Bike Trail Facility can make good use of inactive woodland, grassland or scrub areas which maybe uneven or with difficult access. These areas can be put to good use when incorporated into a well designed Mountain Bike facility. Quiet undulating landscapes offer an interesting canvas for Mountain Bike facilities with minimal impact on the local environment whether located inner city or the countryside.