Parkwood Springs - Sheffield

Initially in 2009 Bike Track was commissioned by Sheffield City Council to create a macro design for a Mountainbike Trail at Parkwood Springs to form part of the councils funding application for the area.

The track had to be designed to complement existing areas of the site such as the outdoor ski village and views over the city centre whilst still keeping a safe distance from existing footpaths which are well used by local ramblers.

The SSSI location of the site added another element to the layout and specification of the finished track.

In 2012 Bike Track won the tender to complete the detailed design and construction of the urban trail less than 1 mile from the Sheffield City Centre.

The Final Trail created was 2.5km long blue grade with red opt in sections. Material was imported to construct the obstacles as the area is an old waste disposal centre and the trail line was surfaced using Limestone and Gritstone dust.

Technical Trail features were included wherever possible to increase flow and interest for the local riding community. Obstacles such as rock drops, rock steps, rock armoured sections, table tops, doubles and
berms were all included in the Trail.

The trail was positioned in such away to allow for future extension into the current land fill which will be integrated into the park in within the next 10 to 15 years.

The works were completed within the timescale and budget set out by the council.