Memorial Park - Whaley Bridge, Peak District

The Track at Whaley Bridge was designed as a Multi Lined Pump Track to make the best use of the woodland location and slope of the site. The design was detailed during consultations with the local user group and the council.

3 differently graded lines make their way from the Start Area through the woodland and meet back together in the bottom corner of the site which houses a large 180 degree asphalted berm. This berm catches riders from all three lines and directs them onto the return path back to the start hill.

The three grades of descent lines are beginner, intermediate and advanced on the longer outside line. The easier the line the lower and more simple the obstacles required to be negotiated.

After the large berm has been negotiated riders have a split line decision with lager double on the right and smaller ones on the left before the final left hand berm pointing the riders back up the start hill via a line of low rollers.

The design and layout of the track allows riders to negotiate the whole track including the uphill return back the start hill with out having to pedal once.

Adjacent to the Pump Track in a newly constructed concrete Skatepark designed and built by Bendcrete Skateparks.

The Track was constructed for High Peak Council.