Rally Park - Leicester

The BMX Play Track in Leicester was constructed in August 2011 during the first phase of upgrading works at Rally Park, on the edge of the city centre.

The existing track on the location hadn’t been updated for a considerable period although general maintenance had been carried out up until a couple of years previous. A pedestrian line of desire had established across the track which needed to be considered during the design phase.

The final design was created following consultations with local riders carried out by the Western Park Free Riders Club.

The track includes a range of combination jumps and straights along with larger independent jumps which flow from one to another. A berm was constructed against the start hill to allow riders to continue riding circuits of the track without stopping and to add a separate element to practice as riders can try entering the berm at different speeds allowing the following straight to be ridden in different combinations.

The track was constructed for Leicester City Council.