Heeley Millenium Park - Sheffield

The Track at Heeley Millennium Park was designed in consultation with the C.T.C. Coaches who are based just up the road and will be using the Track as a future Coaching Tool.

Completed early 2012 the Track is a mixture of Technical
Single Track with opt in sections flowing through tight wooded area which all links into a Pump Track full of tight Berms and Jumps.

Features such as Rock Drops, and skinny's were included along with berms and rollers to increase the variety whilst continuing the flow of the trail.

The mixture of all these elements allows the guys
from C.T.C. to coach on many different obstacles in
a very small area readying the riders for what they will
meet on the trails whilst still being in the middle of the

The footpath which runs alongside the track was
lined with logs to create a natural barrier between
pedestrians and riders.

The works were carried out for Heeley Development
Trust who manage the park.