Haggerston Park – Hackney – London

In March 2011 Bike Track completed the rebuild of Haggerston Park BMX Track in Hackney, London.

The existing track had hardly altered since the 80’s and was barely used by riders today. Bike Track designed the track to make the best use possible of the space available. The new track covered a similar area to the old track, making the best use of the natural gradient fall of the site.

The finished track roughly run in a ‘W’ style layout with the final corner exiting onto the top of the second corner with rollers on top giving the rider the chance to be able to pump right back onto the starthill for another lap.

The first and third berms were built back to back to allow for transfers and extra lines to be rode between them.

The second and third straights were also built against each other, with no gaps in surfacing, again to allow for transfers from straight to straight and extra lines to be rode.

With the last three straight being on a roughly level area with corners at either end this bottom section could be rode as a pump track with riders able to circulate the bottom section without having to pedal to gain speed but just pump over the obstacles.